Public Speaking for IFAs

How to convert audience into clients...

Lead Trainer - Mr. Jigar Parekh

Learning Objective

Learn the art and science of conquering the stage and inspiring the audience to take positive and desired action in your Investor Awareness Programs (IAPs) and Client Events.

Suitable For

Financial advisors who are currently doing investor awareness programs (IAPs) and now wish to take it to next level & those who wants to start delivering Investor awareness programs themselves.

Workshop Agenda

  • Complete guide on how to start, deliver and finish result oriented IAP!
  • Understanding the 3 most important pillars of delivering any successful speech.
  • 6 step Proven template to introduce yourself with confident and engage audience from very beginning of the Presentation.
  • How to successfully portray yourself as an expert!
  • How to use accelerated learning techniques to present the data and create a desired impact!
  • How to handle the sceptical audience!
  • How to answer the tuff questions and win audience!
  • How to collect and use the database of audience after IAP to engage with them and convert them into clients post IAP!
  • Readymade Presentations for IAP with your own branding.

Your Trainer

Jigar Parekh

Mr. Jigar Parekh

Jigar Parekh, Founder of AnchorEDGE Trainings is an Author, Eloquent Speaker, Trainer and Business Development Coach.

He holds a PG degree in Management with a specialization in Finance and also holds CFP (Certified Financial Planner) degree from FPSB India Board. He has vast experience in sales and business development for past 16 years.

He has worked with top Mutual Fund Distribution Houses and has mentored 10500+ IFAs and Relationship Managers in more than 78 cities, including the Metros. He has helped more than 200,000 investors across India to get educated in the field of Personal Finance through Investor Awareness Seminars.

Jigar Parekh has trained IFAs and RMs on various topics like Objection Handling while selling, SMART marketing and branding for IFAs, Client acquisition strategies, Guerrilla Marketing strategies for IFAs, Financial Planning etc. He has guided Management Students about personal finance and investment management in reputed colleges like Nirma Institute of Management and others.

Jigar Parekh also shares his views on financial planning and other personal finance related subjects on various TV Channels like TV9, Sandesh etc. He contributes articles regularly on topics of Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Behavioral aspects on various industry platforms like Wealthforum & NetworkFP. He has been a Guest Speaker & panellist on various platforms & Events of IFAs.


"Every IFA has to take this one day workshop, as sharing knowledge effectively in Right way is more importance then just gaining knowledge. During this workshop we learn the practical step by step on how to deliver effectively public speech."
Viran Patel
India's 1st Certified Financial Guardian
"The was so much to learn in the workshop and understood what to unlearn. Jigar showed us it's not difficult but easy when you break down the entire process, in this case conducting IAP, which can also be implemented in owe outer areas of practice. Jigar rocks."
Vivek Pathak CFP
-New Delhi
"The session was exceptional to say the least. The energy Mr Jigar had throughout the session was commendable. I thoroughly enjoyed it and waiting to implement my learnings in my future sessions."
N Krishna Kiriti
"It was a phenomenal session, I had learnt a lot of techniques which will be useful not only in IAP's but also in overall tackling a crowd like a pro. I will start practicing and deliver an IAP shortly."
Arpan Arora
"Jigar is very energetic. He explained all points in workshop in a simple Language & encouraged us to do practice .He is very live and committed trainer ."
Nilesh Parekh
"It was Very beautifully and energized full day workshop. Got to know my weak points in past."
Srujann Mehrra
"I had a strong phobia for public speaking before this workshop. Thank you for creating such powerful and practical workshop. If any IFA thinks that delivering IAP on his/her own must attend Jigar's workshop. I am sure he/she will be able to give impactful presentation in Next day in front of any audience and also convert them into clients."
Ajay Beel
"Last week when i delivered a session on Estate Planning in Pune, i implemented a lot of techniques learnt from Jigar Parekh and i indeed felt in control of the session throughout The feedback suggested that it was very well received by the audience consisting of 36 Senior Chartered Accountants. Heart felt thanks to Jigar Parekh of AnchorEdge for enlightening me with highly effective & unique techniques on public speaking."
Priyesh Sampat

Event Details

17th August 2019
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Hotel - Lords Plaza
Ring Rd, Near Delhi Gate, Begampura, Surat, Gujarat 395003
8999/- + 18% GST
For Early Bird 7999/- + 18% GST
(Includes training fees, course material, certification fees, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & High tea)